A Word to Parents

Because we all need reminding.

1. Our kids aren't our own.

If you're anything like us, you need constant reminding of this truth. Our kids aren't ours. They're God's. His. And guess what. He loves, knows, and cares even more for them that you or I could ever possibly love, know, and care about them. That simple yet profound truth causes me to release a deep breath in exhale.

2. We cannot make our kids love Jesus.

It's just not possible. We cannot control the hearts and souls of our kids. It's not even our job. Our "job" is to respond to the love of Christ with love for and faith in Him. And then, we keep pointing our kids back to Jesus as often as we can, in word and deed. That's it. God alone changes the heart. God alone sets the soul ablaze for Him. We just keep putting the kindling around their hearts, trusting that He will eventually light that flame of faith.

3. We can put tools in their hands for their own faith journey.

We can't make our kids love Jesus. But we can hand them the tools they will need for their own faith journey. We can teach them how to read the Word. We can encourage the habit of thinking on what God says in His Word. We can equip them for their journey.

And that's what we strive to do as we partner with you! 

We deliver our Brave Roots faith-tools to your mailbox each month with the hope that the next generation will be better equipped to walk bravely with God.